1. Invitation to DarkHaven Unleashed Allian

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    • Posted by Daggor on August 20th, 2012 at 12:05 AM
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    • Hello, This is Daggor.

      Welcome to the Darkhaven Server.

      I would like invite you all to become part of a growing family.

      With Guild Wars 2 creating the WvWvW PvP world, most servers have alliances with a few large guilds and many medium to smaller guilds in an alliances. At the time I created this alliance there was no alliances on Darkhaven so I felt it should be done. As you will see I created a website just for the alliance and we have a 200 person TeamSpeak Server to help the alliance in communication. I believe that Alliances are a great way for Guilds (online families) to retain their uniqueness while joining or becoming part of a larger family ( an Alliance) to achieve more or greater things with out the hassle or challenges with generic PUGS. We all who have played in a great many other games have once or another experienced the pain of PUGS and the erratic behaviors of PUGs in general.


      This is the Alliance Website, it is in the rough stage but is being fine tuned.

      Each Guild in the alliance will have opportunity to find their niche in the game and have many others join in as they do so. The Alliance will be invaluable to the WvW planning and point progression as well as in the PvE worlds with dungeons, raids and in some cases just generic quest and exploration.

      http://thefoundingfathers.enjin.com/ is my home guild website if you need any help locating myself.

      In this alliance, since this is the first alliance I see in the Darkhaven server, would like to start but in no means be required to run or taxi the whole alliance. I am simply offering a way for all of us true gamers a way to meet new people who are in a like minded state willing to progress in the deeper region of GW2 with our smaller families (Guilds) and larger family (an Alliance).

      Please note that you should be able to contact any Guild leader or officer of ANY of the guilds listed in the alliance. We are all working to make DarkHaven the server to be on. The Founding Fathers officers are IceTeaMan, Nih, Coalesce and Roxy.

      Thank you and welcome,

      Daggor and the DarkHaven Alliance
    • Posted by Tav on August 21st, 2012 at 1:33 AM
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    • Wat
    • Posted by Minatoto on August 21st, 2012 at 12:02 PM
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    • Daggor,

      I've thoughts things over and will shoot you a message so that we can chat. Thanks for the post.
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