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    • Posted by Desolace on May 12th, 2013 at 2:32 PM
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    • Hail Provoked,
      I'd like to join your ranks.

      Although I've never been a member of a multigaming guild, the prospect has piqued my interest.
      I've been playing GW2 since launch and with Joker since the Provoked reinstantiation.
      GW2 actually came after LoL had rekindled my gaming glut.
      Past games include but are not limited to;
      MMO: WoW (all three betas through WotLK), FFXI (5 years), Ultima Online, assorted MUD/MUSH/MOO [I signed up for the TES:O beta but haven't heard anything back.]

      RTS/Top-down-tactical: League of Legends, Age of Empires II, Warcraft (everything), Starcraft, Dawn of War 1
    • Posted by Desolace on May 12th, 2013 at 2:33 PM
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    • ...Dawn of War 1&2 (W40k), I have DotA 2 but haven't touched it.

      FPS/Multiplayer: Minecraft, Hawken, Brink, Team Fortress, Halo trilogy, Unreal Tournament (all)

      Misc. Single player; Skyrim, Oblivion (100% complete), Morrowind, Diablo 1&2, Marathon, Half-Life (entirety), Kolibri, Quake (all), Doom (all), Rage, Fallout (all), Gran Turismo (5 is SPECTACULAR with the Logitech wheel)

      My rig; AMD Phenom II x4 955, 16GB DDR3-1600, Radeon HD 6700 series (1GB); I use a Corsair K90 mech.keyboard (Cherry MX Reds), Logitech G13 gamepad, and a Cyborg MMO7 mouse.

      I'm also beginning independent research (read "screwing around in the basement") in human-computer interfaces, so I have a Razer Hydra, a Neurosky Mindwave, an OCZ NIA, and my Oculus Rift shipped yesterday (yay). I'm getting into some game development, but I'm not yet sure where that will go. I'm also pre-ordered for the OUYA and the Leap.

      All 5 of the 360's in this house have Red Ringed, so I don't have one a.t.m. For what it's worth, I own a Wii (aka "video box", as we only watch Netflix and Hulu on it). I own a bunch of retro consoles including mostly-complete sets of Sega and Nintendo.

      As for play style, I'd have to get rewarm to LoL but I seem to recall preferring Master Yi, Garen, Ryze, and Kassadin when I could fit them into the current meta (I also prefer jungle when it can fit). In GW2 I rock Necro all day, everyday. I have one of every class but Necro is the only 80. I really like the idea of Mesmer but haven't mastered the art of not getting pinned down. Thief is fun but it's not 80, so it sees little play. In Dawn of War I played Dark Eldaar or Tau, in Starcraft I was usually Protoss (since Zerg was overplayed), Warcraft 3 I played Undead, WoW main was a Warlock, FFXI mained Black mage.sub.White mage, was working on Dark Knight.sub.Black mage.
      I tend to prefer mobility over armor, and lots of options that can be executed with agility.

      Thanks for your consideration!

      Screen name: Desolace (chosen before WoW, I swear)
      AFK nickname: Sarge (the final e is optional)
      ~Referred by Joker
    • Posted by Desolace on May 12th, 2013 at 2:35 PM
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    • Sorry, My first post got truncated and I couldn't edit, all I get is the number 98 where the body content should be.

      Maybe it's an error code?
    • Posted by Minatoto on May 12th, 2013 at 4:45 PM
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    • I'll take a look at it later, but no worries :)
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